Summer Women’s Bible Study

June 2 – July 14 // Thursday Mornings

Our Summer session of Women’s Bible Studies begins on June 2nd!

Join the Women of Faith Church this summer as we study God’s Word together and grow in our relationship with Him.

Study: Remember Your Joy by Courtney Doctor and Melissa Kruger
Leader: Karen Ritterbusch (kritterbusch@faithchurch.net)
Please purchase the book prior to class – Amazon | 10ofThose | TGC

We will not meet on June 30th.

This Bible study, with an emphasis on biblical theology, traces the promised seed of the woman from Genesis 3:15 through seven Old Testament stories. Each chapter—Noah and the ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses with the manna and water from the rock, the serpent on the pole, Rahab and the spies, David and Goliath, and David and Mephibosheth—gives us a glimpse, a foreshadowing, of the greater salvation Jesus wins. In each encounter, we’ll see how God faithfully fulfilled his promise as he prepared us for the ultimate offspring who brought our eternal salvation.