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Summer Session: Two Classes

July 10 – Aug 21 // 9AM

Join us for our Summer Session of Adult Sunday School Classes. We are offering two classes. Scroll down to register and read class descriptions. Both classes are available to all adults.

Summer Session Classes:

The Fear of Man
The purpose of this core seminar is not to give you the tools for a boosted self-esteem, rather we are going to begin exploring what the fear of man looks like in our lives and in our culture, what we have been called to (fearing God and loving others), how we have lost this focus, and how we can begin to reestablish the fear of God in our lives and regain a right perspective about ourselves and others. During this core seminar we will explore the various ways we most often tend to be controlled by fear of man, for only as we begin to categorize our struggles in this area, are we able to see the paths that biblical repentance must travel. Throughout the next 7 weeks we will see explicitly that overcoming the fear of others is not something we can accomplish on our own. There is One who didn’t give into the fear of man and gave Himself up so that we could fear God rightly and thereby begin seeing enslavement to the fear of man eliminated.
Teachers: Dick Lehman, Mike Chaney, and Dave French
Location: Room 8 (Life Center)
Book: When People Are Big and God is Small by Ed T. Welch | Amazon | 10ofThose | Christianbook
*The book is optional, but complementary to the study

Core Truths of the Christian Faith – Part 2 
Doctrine is both believed and practiced. Come explore essential truths of the Christian faith, their biblical support, errors to avoid, and how to apply them.
Teachers: Bill Gore, Caleb Liebing, and Brian Braxton
Location: Room 9 (Life Center)