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Adult Sunday School Classes – Fall Session

August 20 – November 19 // 9AM

Join us for our fall session of Adult Sunday School Classes. We are offering three classes. Scroll down to read class descriptions. All classes are available to all adults.

No registration is required.

Fall Session Classes:

Suffering: Fighting for Faith in Trial
Everyone experiences suffering and trials in this life. In the midst of these seasons, we’re often tempted to think that our situation is somehow out of God’s hands. In these dark times, God seems silent, and we feel isolated, confused, and alone. Suffering is a challenge to faith. But it is also an opportunity for faith and to grow in faith. How can we better prepare ourselves for these seasons of suffering, and how can we help minister to others who are in the midst of suffering? This class will provide a biblical framework for suffering, and help us apply that framework and learn how God uses our trials for our growth and his glory.
Teachers: Drew French & Kevin Johnson
Location: Room 9

Christians in the Workplace: How the Gospel Shapes Our Jobs
Like most people, you spend a significant portion of every week of your life at your job. You also spend a lot of time thinking about your job. But why do you work? What is the significance of your work? What story is your work telling, and who is at the center of that story? This class will help us see how our work fits within God’s intentions for our lives, and how the story of the gospel gives purpose and meaning to our jobs. Join us as we consider how working for King Jesus changes our work, and speaks into an array of topics including: relationships, gender in the workplace, evangelism, finding a job, ethics, and more.
Teachers: Mike Chaney & Bill Maynard
Location: Room 7

God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of Scripture
In today’s post-Christian age, it can no longer be assumed that most people, even most professing Christians, have a basic understanding of the Bible, much less understand how it fits together. Even the more well-known biblical figures and events are often misunderstood. This class intends to help us get a better grasp on the overall storyline of the Bible by focusing on significant biblical-theological themes across both the Old and New Testament. In doing so, this class will give us the tools and the encouragement to read the Bible with confidence and understanding, and to help others do the same.
Teachers: Caleb Liebing & Daniel Sauder
Location: Rm 8