Here at Faith, you’ll find people of all types. We’re committed to reaching people where they are, showing them the love of Christ, and equipping them to share that love with those around them. That’s why, each Sunday, our teaching team of pastors bring a message that reaches everyone, while taking an in-depth look at what God has to say. Our worship services use various styles of music and all available forms of media and technology to share the Gospel message with people in a relevant and life changing way.

The family of Faith Church seeks to be committed to making more and better disciples through being in communion with God, being in community with others and being on mission with Christ.

We look forward to seeing you and invite you to stop by Connections Central and Guest Central in our lobby where we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the family here at Faith Church!


Faith Church exists to live in communion with God, in community with one another, and on mission to make disciples who make disciples.




How we relate to God is the most important thing about us. Through Christ’s finished work on the Cross we have been redeemed and reconciled to full fellowship with our holy God. Living in communion with God is about glorifying and enjoying him as the Spirit who indwells us is also sanctifying us into the image of Christ. We cultivate communion with God through devotion to the Word, prayer, fasting, worship, and service both individually and corporately.



How we relate to one another as a local church is an overflow of our communion with God. God has not only saved us as individuals but has gathered us together as a church family. We live in community with one another first of all by gathering regularly each Lord’s Day for worship, fellowship, & the preaching of the Word. Secondly, we cultivate life in community through participating in Community Groups during the week where we have the chance to encourage and admonish one another more personally through life-on-life relationships.



How we relate to the world is an overflow of our communion with God and community with one another. God has not only given us a new identity but also a new purpose: to make disciples who make disciples. We long to see our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and others come to faith in Christ through sharing the Gospel and disciple-making. We cultivate mission when we do word-centered ministry in one-on-one, Community Group/bible study, or corporate settings for the sake of evangelization and discipleship. This often also involves finding practical ways we can love our neighbors and city as an overflow of being on mission to make disciples.


The leadership of Faith Church consists of an Elders & Deacons and staff, plus numerous volunteer ministry teams & leaders. Members of Faith Church elect the Elders & Deacons, a group of men who are responsible for teaching God’s Word, shepherding the flock, and leading the church.

Our staff strives to lead, serve, encourage, and equip the Faith Church family. 

Start Here Class

Anytime you go to a new church, there may be uncertainty and questions. We’ve all been there! Start Here is your first stop to learning more about Faith Church, meeting new friends, and getting involved. We want to help you move from “newbie” or “uninvolved but interested” to becoming an active participant in our spiritual family. Click below to see our different class offerings.