Adult Sunday School Classes Session 2

November 1 – Dec 20 // 9AM

This session we will offer three classes: Apologetics 101, Book of Esther, and our Start Here Class. Each class is detailed below.

Apologetics 101

As Christians, we don’t have to be scared of the hard questions of life because God’s Word helps us to think through hard things from a Gospel perspective.  Apologetics are about being able to rightly defend what we believe from the Scriptures so as to strengthen your faith and better equip you for evangelism & discipleship. This will be the first of two classes being offered, with Apologetics 201 planned for next Spring.

Teachers: Bruce Chester & Dick Lehman

Book: The Reason for God by Tim Keller (Amazon)


Book of Esther

Can Christianity survive a secular age? Can Christians live without compromise in an increasingly hostile society?  And what if they’ve already given in to that society’s vision & values?  This book of the Bible has much to offer us in the way of the right (and wrong) ways to engage the culture as the people of God.

Teachers: Dave French & Mike Chaney

Book: Faith Among the Faithless: Learning from Esther How to Live in a World Gone Mad by Mike Cosper (Amazon)


Start Here Class

Anytime you go to a new church, there may be uncertainty and questions. We’ve all been there! Start Here is your first stop to learning more about Faith Church, meeting new friends, and getting involved. We want to help you move from “newbie” or “uninvolved but interested” to becoming an active participant in our spiritual family. The class runs for 6 weeks. If you have questions, or are looking for more information, please email

If you would like to attend the Start Here class, please register here.

Teachers: Bill Maynard & John Kilmore