Jami Fair Scholarship

Applications Due May 24, 2024

This scholarship, in memory of Jami Fair, is available to Faith Church 2024 high school graduates in the amount of $1,000. It’s based on ministry involvement, academics, and faithfulness to the Christian life.

Applications can be found online through CCB (using the link below) and need to be submitted electronically by May 24th.

The scholarship will be awarded on June 7th. Contact Christy Lucus (clucus@faithchurch.net) with questions.

Jami Jean Fair

From the time she was born, Jami was a happy and loving girl. She brought much joy to her parents, Becky and Jim Fair. Jami asked the Lord to come into her life at age six and was baptized at Faith Church when she was ten.

Jami was very active in the youth group and participated in Evangelism Explosion. She was also very involved in Student Venture at Loveland High School, inviting many students to the meetings, several of whom came to know the Lord. She was a good student and was in the honor society. She was voted Homecoming Queen her senior year, not because she was the prettiest, but because she was so friendly and loving. She even invited the “goths” to the Student Venture meetings.

After high school, Jami attended Palm Beach Atlantic college for a year, afterward returning home to pursue photography education at Antonelli. She and Tony became engaged and were planning a fall wedding in 2011 after they turned 21. We bought a dress and pretty shoes and had the invitations ready to send, but it was not to be. On May 31st, she and Tony were kicking a soccer ball around at his parents’ house. Jami somehow missed the ball and fell straight back on her head on the concrete driveway, cracking her skull. She was airlifted to UC Hospital, but passed away seven days later.

This scholarship is given annually with the hope that the recipients will continue to follow Jami‘s example and invite people of all types to know Jesus.