Family Worship

Family Worship Videos

We are taking advantage of our time apart to introduce and equip you in the important practice of family worship. We deeply desire Faith Church parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their kids.

Family Worship Intro

5 Steps to Family Worship

Getting to the Heart in Family Worship

Family Worship Resources

The Goal of Family Worship

Keeping Your Kids Engaged

Teaching the Whole Counsel of God

Family Worship Resources

Student Resources:

Catechisms – These questions and answers are designed to teach theology through memorization. These two catechisms have versions designed for teens.

Family Ministry Organizations – These organizations have many different types of resources available to help parents in the discipleship of their children, including Family Worship guides and plans.

Books – Here are some books that could be great resources for you to lead Family Worship in your homes, and also to guide you into thinking more about what Family Worship can look like.

Family Worship Bible Guide

Connecting Church and Home by Tim Kimmel

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner

One Year Bible 

Read Aloud Videos

Pastor Drew will be making these read aloud videos for you and your kids to enjoy weekly. They are each designed to help your child respond biblically to challenges like fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and greed. Beneath each video is a guide taken from these books for parents to use with their kids.