April 14 // 12:00-3:30PM

At Faith Student Ministry, we know how important family relationships are.  We want to do what we can to help foster great relationships between teenagers and their parents.  So we are once again excited to provide a special event just for mothers and daughters on April 7, and another event for fathers and sons on April 14.

Our event will begin in the youth room at 12:00pm, immediately following the second service for a pizza lunch.  Once we are done eating, we will head over to The Web Entertainment (www.funattheweb.com) for a fun time together.  We will ride go-karts together, play laser tag together, and then each family will have their choice of mini-golf, mini-bowling, or the interactive wall climb.  In addition, each family will have a pre-loaded game card for all of the arcade games.  We will arrive back at the church by 3:30pm.  Transportation will be available in the church bus for a limited number of people, or you are free to drive yourself.

We will have our Mother-Daughter event first, on April 7.  Our FatherSon event will take place the following week on April 14.  The cost for the event is $15 per person, and registration will close March 31.  We need to coordinate with the staff at The Web to make sure our groups will be playing laser tag and riding go-karts together.  Please do not delay in signing up.

We hope families are able to take advantage of a great opportunity to build some great memories and have fun playing together.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bryan or Pam in the church office.