1/11/17 – Governance Exploratory Committee Update

Since forming over 15 months ago, the Governance Exploratory Committee has been engaged in extensive study, basking all things in prayer, in order to recommend to you an organizational structure that is consistent with our mission, efficient and empowering of the entire Body, and more attractive to our future Lead Pastor candidate. Upon submission and approval by both the Elder and General Boards, we are pleased to share with you our collective recommendation. We covet your insight, feedback, and hearing how the Spirit may speak through you in order to strengthen the structure.

We are thus providing you with the following documents, which you will soon receive via email or by picking up a hard copy at the Information Center:

  1. The proposed organizational model
  2. The proposed revised Bylaws
  3. An FAQ, addressing potential questions

Additionally, to ensure your needed voice in this process, we will be hosting multiple congregational conversations for you to share feedback. These will be held at the following times and locations:

  • Sunday, Jan. 29th @ 12:15p.m. after service, in Room 41 (Conference Room)
  • Thursday, Feb. 2nd @ 7:00pm, in Room 41 (Conference Room)
  • Sunday, Feb. 12th @ 10:45am during second service, in Room 41 (Conference Room)

Please plan on attending at least one of these sessions, as your input is vital to these changes. We are one Body, connected by Him. Join us. Let’s see what God is about to do together.

9/29/16 – Governance Exploratory Committee Update

Since we last updated the congregation, your Governance Exploratory Committee has begun to meet weekly, unanimously recognizing the urgency in building a new, efficient, empowering structure, as we prepare for a new Lead Pastor. We are working in conjunction with the Elders’ succession planning. The Elders and Gen. Board have met twice in joint meetings to look at preliminary outlines, and we plan to bring a more specific structure to the Body within the coming months. As always we invite, welcome, and want your feedback. Please feel free to contact any of your committee members: Eric Metz (chair), Ann Albin, Roddy Bullock, John Hoevener, Ryan Holman, Joyce Moore, Scott Phillips, and Pastor Harvey Pflug.

2/23/16 – Governance Exploratory Committee Update
The Governance Exploratory Committee continues to meet every two weeks, wrestling with multiple approaches in how to build an effective, empowering church governance structure. We recently had a face-to-face meeting with EFCA District Superintendent, Rick Thompson, which was especially insightful. Rick has an excellent grasp of current trends and governance styles that have been successful in the Evangelical Free Church. We are now wrestling with relevant aspects spurred on by Rick’s wisdom and perspective.
As always, we humbly request your prayers. We also welcome and invite your questions and feedback. Please feel free to contact any committee member, which includes: Ann Albin, Doug Hauer, John Hoevener, Ryan Holman, Eric Metz, Joyce Moore (chair), Harvey Pflug, Scott Phillips, and Bob Yoxthimer.

2/3/16 – Governance Exploratory Committee Update

Beginning mid-December, the Governance Exploratory Committee has been meeting every two weeks, prayerfully researching, discussing, and attempting to discern how God wishes for us to form a better governance structure for Faith Church. We have been in regular communication with the EFCA District Superintendent, and we have been identifying what Faith does well, where we struggle, and what we are uniquely wired to do. Should you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any committee member. These include Ann Albin, Doug Hauer, John Hoevener, Ryan Holman, Eric Metz, Joyce Moore (chair), Harvey Pflug, Scott Phillips, and Bob Yoxthimer. We also ask that you join us in prayer, eagerly awaiting all that the Spirit will soon reveal.

1/14/16 – Governance Committee Established

In response to the Elder update found below and a General Board motion, an ad-hoc committee was established to study and recommend changes to our future governance. This committee includes equal representation by the Elder Board, General Board, and lay members. Members include: Ann Albin, Doug Hauer, John Hoevener, Ryan Holman, Eric Metz, Joyce Moore (chair), Harvey Pflug, Scott Phillips, and Bob Yoxthimer. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the above should you have any questions or desire more information.

9/27/15 – Elder Update: Transition Status          

We want to keep the congregation informed on the work we are doing and the direction we see the Holy Spirit leading. We had a meeting with the congregation, but we know some could not attend, so we have this brief summary.

As we evaluate our present situation, we anticipate significant pastoral transition in a relatively short time. Harvey will be most likely to transition first, because his main goal right now is to make the church strong through this transition. He wants to end well both personally and professionally. With this backdrop, we have an amazing opportunity to look our vision and direction staff accordingly.

To this end, a subcommittee of the elders was formed. They are Dave French, Scott Philips, Keith Krueger, and Harvey Pflug. Our first order of business was to study the book “Next: Pastoral Succession that Works”, to learn from people who are experts. We learned many valuable lessons. One important thing we have learned is that we need outside help, so we have reached Rick Thompson, the District Superintendent of the Free Church. He is helping us and will continue to be a resource.

This is where we see ourselves at this point. This concept of transition planning is a process not an event. The process is good in that we are learning about congregation, our vision and how the Holy Spirit is leading us.

God is leading us to 4 main conclusions which will act as the beginning point. Four main stakes in the ground that will guide our other decisions.

1. We will keep our vision:

God is calling us to make more and better disciples here and around the world. This cannot and should not change. Discipleship is defined as imitating the whole life of Christ by being in communion with him, in community with other believers and on mission with Christ. We see small groups as foundational to this end.

2. Shared leadership is important:

This should include a vision of our church direction determined and advanced by a team of leaders. One way this plays out is that the vision team will share the teaching and preaching.

3. We will need a lead pastor:

We envision this person to be the primary vision leader for the church. This would mean he leads the teaching team as well as leading the church to attain our vision. We see this man as doing about ½ of the teaching on Sunday mornings.

4. We will need a change of governance before our next pastoral change:

Our decision making process is confusing and cumbersome. It has served us well in the past but we need to move to a more nimble structure. We believe that we need to move from a two board system to a one board system. We see the issue as a structural issue not a problem with the people who have served faithfully.

This will be a process that will need input from the general board and the congregation as a whole.

These are our next steps:

1. We need you to continue to pray, alone and together.

2. We will pursue governmental change. A committee to work on this is in the process of forming. They will continue to access Free Church resources that have already made this type of change.

3. We will continue our evaluation of mission staffing. We will continue to look at our mission to determine the best ways to staff that mission. We will also develop a lead pastor profile.

4. We will continue evaluation of administrative staffing. We see that there are some transitions likely and want to structure the change to meet our present and future needs.

5. We need more leadership development. We continue to look for ways to identify, train, and empower younger leadership.

6. We want, and need, to continue to communicate with the congregation. We do not yet know the time or structure of this but we are committed to keeping you informed.

7. We need to listen and learn from the body. We want to hear from you. We want your feedback. Please come to us with your comments and concerns. You can call any member of the sub-committee or respond to the link here.

8. It cannot be overstated; we need you to continue to pray, alone and together.

Please pray for:

  1. our mission as a church
  2. unity of the body
  3. wisdom for the leadership
  4. the staff
  5. we can be a body of grace and redemption
  6. the teaching team
  7. many other things


1. How long? What is the timeline?

We do not know yet. Any discussion of timing is very tentative. There is much work to do and some we have not even foreseen yet.

With that said we would like to set a very optimistic goal of having bylaw changes ready for a congregational vote by the next congregational meeting. The outside resources we speak to within the denomination think this may be overly optimistic.

We do not think it is wise to start a search for a new lead pastor until the process of governmental change is well underway. We have been told by our denominational leadership that no quality candidate would consider a church with a two board system. Historically pastoral searches take anywhere from one to three years.

2. What will the new church governmental system look like?

We do not know yet. Clearly one board cannot carry the whole load, so we will need committees (or some other entities) to report to them. How this will be structured is yet to be determined. We are in contact with people within the denomination who have made this change and we have begun the process of forming a committee to head this process.