New Sunday Morning Classes for Adults

June 4, 2017 through August 27, 2017

Classes at 9:15 a.m.

Spiritual Gifts- Biblical & Practical – Room 41 (Conference Room)

The Holy Spirit gives every believer at least one spiritual gift to be used for God’s glory and the building of Christ’s body.  We will explore what the spiritual gifts are, what yours might be, and how to use what God has given to you.

Teacher:  Bill Gore, 923-0659;

Exodus – Room 9B

Exodus is the historical narrative of Israel liberated from Egyptian bondage and coming into her own land of blessing.  The Christian student of Exodus is inspired with this theme of deliverance from bondage to coming into a life of liberty.  The New Testament connections in Exodus are rich and encouraging.  Join us and be inspired to love God and His Son, even more.

Teacher:  Bruce Chester, 683-0657;


Family Matters – Room 8B

For married couples with young children, Family Matters is a community of believers who are interested in building significant, life-enriching relationships, as well as growing spiritually by studying God’s Word.

Facilitators:  Brian and Jennifer Evans, 722-1863;


Through the Bible – Room 9A

This class studies and discusses books of the Bible, chapter by chapter, on a weekly, year-round schedule.

Teachers:  Bob Messer and Mike Schepers, 324-0063;


Class at 10:45 a.m.

Faith Church Statement of Faith- What We Believe – Room 9B

In this class, each topic of the Faith Church Statement of Faith will be covered to provide a sound Biblical understanding of why each topic is important and what it practically means to us as believers.

Teachers:  Elders of Faith Church
Bill Gore- 923-0659


Membership Class – Room 9A

Have you attended Faith Church for some time and feel as if you want to make this your church home?  We would love to have you attend this class to find out more detailed information about Faith and use this time to speak with some of our elders and ask questions that you may have.

We believe there are a number of benefits to being a member:

  • You have the opportunity to select leaders for the church by voting in our annual elections.
  • You become eligible to serve in one of the elected roles in our church.
  • You are able to vote on the church budget (which determines how we spend the offerings we receive).
  • You become eligible to have a “say” in how we move forward as a congregation, such as the governance proposal and voting for a new Lead Pastor.

Dates:  TBD

Facilitators:  Elders of Faith Church

Cari Maynard, 453-1301, – contact for questions