Begins September 9th!

What Is Children’s Worship?
Children’s Worship is a Bible-teaching and worship time focused on a child’s level at 10:45. While some families enjoy being in the main worship service together from music through the sermon, some children benefit from a teaching experience that includes some large group time but also provides small-group activities and opportunities to move around. At 10:45, our Elementary children will experience the first part of the main worship service with their parents but will be able to transition to Children’s Worship at a designated time in the service.

Can children choose to stay with their parents in the main worship service at 10:45? Of course! All children are welcome in our worship services. But Children’s Worship will be provided at 10:45 as an option for our Elementary children.

What’s New
During the 9:15 hour, we will conduct Sunday School classes for children from Infants through 6th Grade. These classes are grouped by age and/or grade. Children will have teachers who stay with them each week throughout the year.

Beginning September 9, 2018, during the 10:45 hour the children in Kindergarten through 6th Grade will be able to participate in Children’s Worship. All Elementary kids will join their parents in the worship service at the beginning of the 10:45 hour. At a designated time in the service, any Elementary children who wish to participate in Children’s Worship will be dismissed and will be escorted to the MPR.

The Children’s Worship time will consist of the following:

  • Large group teaching time (may include a video and some songs)
  • Memory verse activity (whether as large group, small group, or both)
  • Small group activity (or activities) by grade level at tables
  • Prayer time (sometimes as a large group, sometimes at grade-level tables)
  • Some large group activities at times – to reinforce the lesson and/or to get the wiggles

Age-graded classes will still be provided for children from Infants through Pre-K at 10:45. Kindergarten through 6th grade children will need to either attend sanctuary worship or begin the service time in the sanctuary and then transition to Children’s Worship.

For Children Who Attend Sunday School at the 9:15 Hour
Sunday School classes will be offered for Infants through 6th Grade. At the end of the Sunday School hour, parents of children Kindergarten through 6th Grade will need to pick up their children from the Sunday School classroom(s). Infants through Pre-K children will stay in their same classrooms for the 10:45 hour.

Children Will Join Parents in the Worship Service at 10:45
At 10:45, all children in Kindergarten through 6th Grade will join their parents for the first part of the worship service. While all children are welcome to stay in the main worship service for the entire time, we will offer the opportunity for children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade to leave at a designated point to go to Children’s Worship. Children who regularly attend Sunday School will not need to be individually checked in by parents. Children will be escorted by members of the Children’s Worship Leadership Team to the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room).

While in Children’s Worship . . .
Children will have the opportunity to hear the Word of God taught on their level. They will also participate in some small-group activities with kids in their same grade. We will also engage in some large-group activities that give the children the opportunity to move around a bit. All that we do will be focused on teaching the children the Word of God. Memory work and prayer times will also be included.

Procedure for Picking Up Children
All Elementary children who are regularly involved in Sunday School at Faith Church will be assigned a security number. Parents will be mailed laminated cards for the Elementary children in their family with each child’s name and security number. At the end of the worship service, a parent or teen sibling can go to the MPR to pick up their Elementary kids—but must bring the laminated security card. Children will only be released from Children’s Worship when the security card has been presented to the Children’s Worship staff. We would recommend that the security card be carried in a parent’s wallet to insure it is available when it is time to pick up children from the MPR. Any parent who forgot the security card will be asked to show his or her driver’s license in order to release the child(ren).

Visitors will be able to check in their children to Children’s Worship in the Lobby during the final song before the sermon. Instructions will be given during the service.

Visiting families will be met in the Lobby by one of the adults on the Children’s Worship Ministry Team. We will have prepared blank adhesive nametags, along with prepared laminated security cards to be given to the parents. The Children’s Worship Ministry Team member who is greeting them will receive the completed Visitor Information card and will assign security numbers to each child and help them put their names (and security numbers) on name tags. That team member will then escort the visiting children to the MPR.

What If Parents Are Serving Somewhere During the 10:45 Hour?
An area in the sanctuary will be designated as a drop-off area for those children who parents are serving somewhere during the 10:45 service. Children’s Worship staff members will be there to supervise the children until it is time to escort them to Children’s Worship.