December 21, 7PM
With special guests Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, Andrew Osenga, and more...

Ticket Prices:
Gold circle, $25
General, $19



This year marks the 14th anniversary of Andrew Peterson’s Christmas project, “Behold the Lamb of God.”

From Andrew Peterson:

I had the idea after seeing a great Christmas concert here in Nashville back in 1998. I remember thinking to myself that I wished I could attend a concert that was only about Christ’s birth. I get a kick out of the peripheral holiday traditions, like Santa Claus and Christmas Vacation, but I wanted to be able to take some time to really remember the story, to sink into it so that the peripheral stuff stayed on the edges and I could focus on the point of it all.

It was on the road for years before the record was ever made. The album is secondary in some ways to the live show, because my goal from the beginning was to tell the story, which is to say that I wanted to engage in the real-time process of singing this tale to listeners. As much as I love making albums, and as important as it is to be able to take music home and listen to it again and again, the experience of a live show is superior, unique. It’s something that both we and the audience are caught up in for a few hours, and you can’t quite replicate that with a pair of headphones.

The entire first half of the musical dwells on the Old Testament. It paints a picture of Israel through the stories of Moses, the Passover Feast, the kings like David, and the prophets – all of which point to the coming of Jesus. The music really tries to convey how Israel must have felt. We often forget about how long Israel waited and yearned for a Messiah.

Near the end of the concert is the title track, which presents Jesus as the culmination of all the Old Testament stories and prophecies. He is the Lamb of God who takes away our sin. At the end of that piece is a musical transition to a reprise of an earlier song. This transition takes elements and lines from several songs in the musical and weaves them together as a reminder of the messages in all those songs, and how they all reach their point in Christ, like pieces of a puzzle. I get the biggest goose bumps when we play this transition in the show, because it reminds me of God’s genius in fashioning such a great story.

Christmas is not just a holiday. It’s an amazing story, and because of Christ, it’s not just a story that resonates deep within us, but we are all a part of the story. We’re wrapped up in the history that God is writing.